Sunday, October 2, 2011

Times are changing....

It's been almost 3 months since I have updated my blog...I have started to write this blog multiple times but I always end up stopping and doing something else. So I sit and watch a pretty boring episode of Desperate Housewives, I will finally update my blog! I hope that going forward I will update more frequently!!!
So...what has changed in the past 3 months...hmm...well just about EVERYTHING! 3 months ago I lived in I am officially a Yooper again! Tessa and I moved home August 20th! We have loved being home. My parents are great! My dad has been driving me bonkers but that was expected :) Tessa loves her Nana and Bampa so much...she has them wrapped around her little fingers :) Just yesterday I found out that my darling Mother has been giving Tessa chocolate milk in the morning...her defense...well Tessa really loves chocolate milk! And here I was wondering why she wouldn't drink her boring ol' white milk that morning. Tessa loves her daycare SO much. There are a handful of kids her age and they have so much fun together. Tessa has had a horrible time napping at daycare though...most days she just rests and does not nap. Her provider finally had to put her in a room all my herself and she slept fine. Tessa is just not used to sleeping around other kids.
Hmmm what else is new...oh yeah thats right I no longer work for Domino's Pizza...I now work in a prison! lol. From Pizza to Prison...yep. It has been a quite interesting transition for me.

Now for the best part is some new fun pictures of my Tessa :) Enjoy!
 My little cheeser :) This is what I get when I ask her to show me her teeth!
 Tessa with two of her cousins at the family reunion!
 She never stops moving...ever!
 At the fair! 
 Tessa's first fair ride! We had to stop the ride early :)
 The worlds fastest carousel! I as holding on for dear life right now! It was the first night of the fair...I sure hope they slowed it down later!
Tessa had a blast!!!! Can't you tell?!
picking corn at Grandma's house!
She loved running around outside!
She was kissing my grandparent's little warrier statue! Perfect size for her!
it's moments like this I am SOOO happy to be home! Headed into the Zoo!
Love her!
She wasn't a fan of the goats! 
But loved the ducks!
Doesn't every reindeer have an arm coming out of its head?! :) She was more interested in the ducks to her left!

The end of July we got some pictures taken of Tessa :) Here are some of the shots I liked :)

So there's the little update :) Hopefully I will be posting more often! :)
Until next time...Peace, Love, and Tessa :)

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