Sunday, February 27, 2011

15 Months!!!!

Can you believe it!?!?! Tomorrow Tessa will be 15 months old! Seems like just yesterday she was tiny as can be!
Now she is a super active, super happy Toddler! She's walking, running, talking, screaming, and just a ton of fun! She is exhausting, but so worth it! She loves Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny. Reading books, and playing with toys (duh!). She says hi to everyone we walk by in the store and stares until they say hi back. Its the cutest thing ever...but can be uncomfortable when they don't say hi or acknowledge her at all...she just stares!

I figure since tomorrow she turns 15 months I should post a couple more of her 14 month pictures!

LOOK! Tessa is starting to grow HAIR!!! I am looking forward to cute clips, bows, and pigtails!!! I think we still have awhile though...but SOON!

Just relaxing, sporting her most recent bruise on her cheek...

She is once again in LOVE with books! She brings them to me all day long to read them to her. She will sit on the floor with her book and make all these noises like she is reading!

This is her typical MOM! READ THIS TO ME yell!

She spins this toy and weird but she loves it!

Another current fav toy! She will stack these and put them into each other over and over and over again.

Another picture of her growing hair!!!!


A couple pictures Jessica sent from her visit! Cute picture of the two of us! Tessa was too busy staring at Jessica to look at the camera!

I love this picture of the two of them!!!

Looking forward to Spring and warm weather! This summer is going to be so much fun with Tessa. I am so looking forward to it!

Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Besties Reunited!!!!

Today my best friend Jessica came to visit!
I didn't get a ton of pictures because my camera batteries are basically dead! I need to get new batteries...but who has the time! Anyway! I somehow managed to get Tessa down for an early nap and she was up and ready to go when Jess got here around 11. We went out to lunch at Chili's which was yummy! Chili's is absolutely one of my favorite places. Next we went shopping...Jessica style. lol. We did some shopping and Tessa ended up with a super cute dress, jean jacket, and pink shirt (that she is wearing in the pictures) from Baby Gap. I would NEVER shop there (unless clearance!) but again...we were shopping Jessica style! It was fun, but exhausting because she walks so flipping fast that my short oompa loompa legs cant keep up with her...and she was wearing heals! Crazy girl I tell ya. After shopping we headed back home to just hang out and visit. Tessa was obsessed with Jessica and wouldn't leave her alone. She loved her necklace and bracelets. I think we have a girly girl on our hands!!! :-)
Here are a couple pictures of Jessica and Tessa playing:

Jessica is coming back over tomorrow but the only thing we have planned is picking up her new laptop from Best Buy and grabbing some Jimmy Johns for lunch. The rest of the day will just be us playing with Tessa! Which I am glad because my legs need a break!!!! :-)

I also got some get news!!! My wonderful mom will be down visiting us for a WEEK! She will get here tomorrow night (Wednesday) and stay until Wednesday morning!!! My mom misses Tessa so much so I am really glad it is all working out. My mom doesn't drive much, especially not down here, so she is hitching a ride with my aunt that is flying to Florida for a couple of days. Tessa is going to be so excited when she see's her. She gets super excited when she see's her over skype so she will have a great surprise when she wakes up Thursday morning...that is if my mom doesn't wake her up Wednesday night!!!!

Here are a couple more pictures of Tessa from the past week:

This happens daily...Tessa is trying to reach Casper but Casper sits just far enough away from her that she can't touch him. When she does get close enough Casper usually paws at her! Tessa thinks its hilarious!

Love her! She is getting so big!!!!

Tessa loving her Dolly. She gives dolly hugs and kisses daily!

Whats a girl really need in life besides her dolly and sippy cup?

Until Next Time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Updated Look!

Updated the look of my blog!!!! I know a couple of my loyal readers (ha) read my blog through Google Reader so give your reader a break and actually come to the blog!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Who has the time...

Apologies first...I haven't updated in awhile!!! So sorry! I just don't have the time to blog! I need to start setting some time aside each week to make sure this blog is not neglected! Tonight I decided to not neglect the blog and instead I am neglecting the laundry that needs to be folded in the dryer, the dishes that need to be put away that are currently calling the dishwasher home, and the tornado called Tessa that has thrown toys all across my living room. BUT...The blog will not be neglected and that is most important...right?!

As you all know, my mom was down for the months of December and January. She left a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun while she was down here and appreciate all the help she gives us! There is someone else that I miss sooooooo much...LACY! parent's dog! I never realized how much food my darling daughter Tessa throws on the floor until the dog left. I miss knees miss Lacy. I hate wiping down the floor after every meal. I have two choices...I can either feed Tessa pasta or ravioli every night for the rest of my life OR I just have to deal with it and clean it up nightly. I look forward to the pasta or ravioli nights...Tessa's favorites! She eats every last bit of those meals and will look around her chair and on her to make sure it all made it in her usually does. She is such a great eater. Although she has recently started becoming quite particular about what veggies she is eating I can usually get her to eat them! She LOVES green beans...she could eat those every day if I would let her. But what she doesn't know yet is that it isn't fun to eat green beans everyday! She likes carrots if I put them in her mouth for her...if I set them on her tray she immediately throws them on the floor. I blame the color. Why orange?! such a weird food color. ANYWAY...back to the Tessa loves meat. I have yet to find a type of meat that she won't eat. As for fruits...blueberries. She loves them. She is also a huge banana fan. She will eat the mandarian oranges IF I need them to
 saying bye to nana
 we miss you nana! come back soon...and bring LACY!

This past week was a tough week for me as a parent! First off, Saturday night around 11pm our power went out. It was out for 11 hours...yes...completely in no in no power and no heat...yes no heat. It was rough. When the power went out the temp in Tessa's room was 69 degrees. She was warm and toasty so we threw her blanket on her and hoped the power would come back on soon. It didn't. Come 3am my Tessa woke up crying so I brought her into our bed...something I never do because it just scares me! But ofcourse at this point her room was around 63 degrees and we needed to keep warm. Casey ended up sleeping on the couch with a couple blankets because Tessa totally hogs the bed. She moves around soooo much. We woke up around 8am and came into our living room...temp was 57...cold. I tried to think of it this way. This spring when its 57 degrees out we will think its a a heat wave! Windows will probably be cracked open and we will go for a walk in fresh air...WELL winter 57 is much different than Spring 57. We bundled up and had some milk and fruit hoping that the power would come on didn't. Finally it was just too cold so Tessa and I headed out to do some shopping! Obviously shopping did the trick because around 10am Casey called to say the power was back on. THEN of course since the place was freezing we cranked the heat up! Thankfully it stayed on and we didn't have to worry about being cold! I am just glad it went out at night. Much easier to keep Tessa warm while she is sleeping!

Another wonderful time this week was when I was sick! It was the first time I had really been so sick where I couldn't really do anything,. Started Monday night with a horrible headache and continued into Tuesday with flu like symptoms. It sucked. I stayed home from work and Tessa went to daycare. Although being sick sucked I totally lost 4 pounds :-) only about 10 flu's away from my goal weight! KIDDING!

Besides power being out and being sick things are great! Tessa is a blast. She is a sponge and learning new things daily. She is a walking machine. She would rather walk anywhere than have us carry her. If we are carrying her she will stiffen up straight and its so hard to carry her so we have to put her down and she will walk next to us. Its adorable but can be frustrating when you are running late for work or need to be somewhere! Daycare is working out great now that my mom is gone. Tessa has fully adjusted to it and has a blast.

A couple of weeks ago we finally got some pictures taken of Tessa! Below are some of my favorite pictures. Blogger shrunk them down so the quality doesn't look as sharp as they actually are. They turned out great! Now I just need to order some prints! Who has time for that! :) Enjoy the pictures!

 this is my favorite picture!!!
such a big girl!

Jessica is coming for a visit next week so I am sure I will have tons of pictures to update the blog with!

Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!!!!!!