Monday, May 9, 2011

Tessa's first trip to the zoo!

Tessa loved the zoo!!!! My parents came down and for Mothers Day we took full advantage of the free admission for Moms to the Toledo Zoo! It was such a great way to spend Mothers Day. After a long day at the zoo (with sore legs and a sunburn for me) we went to dinner at Applebees. I thought it would be super busy but we got there just before the rush and only had to wait a couple of minutes for a table. Tessa did great! After I got Tessa to bed, I took a quick 20 min nap and then my mom and I went and saw Something Borrowed. SUCH a good movie!

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Zoo!!!

 leaning to the side waiting for the seal to come back around the corner.

 she loved the polar bears

 dumb dad told me they were real at first...dumb bats.

 little miss independent...she insisted on walking

 she LOVED the birds!

 FIRST ice cream cone!
 clearly loving it!
 trying to figure out how to lick/eat it!
 :-) she loved it! (I am in the back saying...get a napkin! lol)
 insisting on holding it....
 best ever!

 ready to go!!!!

Such a long but amazing day!!! So thankful my parents were able to come down and that the weather was beautiful!

Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!