Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tessa's First Trip to Jessica's!!!!


This past weekend I (like a crazy person) decided to drive to Rock Island, IL (5 ½ hours away) with a teething 3 ½ month old. Don’t get me wrong…I was beyond excited to take this trip…if I could just fast forward past the driving part.

The trip started off bad…The rental car place that stresses “We will pick you up” was a good 20 minutes late on the pick me up part because the dude got lost. Once I FINALLY made it to the car rental place they give me the ugly Chevy HHR to drive…great on gas mileage but UGH so ugly! So anyway, get back home, Casey is packing the car while I am feeding Tessa one last time before our “adventure”. THANKFULLY my little poop bucket pooped right before we left…that would not have been cool if she waited to do her business when we were on the road.

I figured she would sleep at least 2 hours…maybe even 3…and I was right!

 About 3 hours into the trip she woke up…hungry of course and I was stuck in traffic! So I did what any super mom would do…feed her daughter while driving…Yep left hand on the wheel, right arm stretched out into the back seat…Tessa was fed…but I had no way of burping her…so as the non-super mom that I am I just didn’t burp her…she didn’t seem affected so that’s good. She stayed awake pulling on her toys hanging from her car seat and cooing away for about an hour and then fell asleep the final 1 ½ hours of the trip.
Here she is trying to stuff her hand in her mouth!

The trip there was great! The trip back…well…I will get into that later.

We had a ton of fun at Jessica’s. We got there around 7:00pm her time (8pm my time) and of course Tessa wasn’t ready for bed…she just slept forever! Jessica got some fun time in and around 8:30 her time (so 9:30 my time) Tessa got sleepy eyed and went to bed until the morning! I went to bed not too long after, I was tired from the ride and Jess had to work in the morning.

Saturday during the day was pretty boring. Jessica had to work until 3 so I just hung around the house and played with Tessa. Saturday evening her sister and her kids came over to watch Tessa while Jess and I had a night out. We went shopping, dinner at City Limits (WONDERFUL Pork Tenderloin Sandwich), and then went to see the movie “Remember Me”. Such a great movie…a definite must see!

Emma (Jessica's Niece) feeding Tessa while we were out and about!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day…which is exactly what we wanted. We hung around the house for a bit, visited her sister, got some lunch and decided to end our outings because Tessa was super fussy because she is teething. We relaxed the rest of the evening watching New Moon and then Desperate Housewives. Tessa went to bed around 8:30 and I quickly packed up everything I could to get the car ready for the LONG drive back in the morning.
Tessa...always the center of attention :-)
Monday morning came too quick! 5am my alarm went off and I was not enthused…after washing up and pumping I woke Jessica up to feed Tessa for me while I finished packing up the car. The drive back was not good…Tessa was fussy the entire time sleeping on and off. I just felt so bad for her! We got back at 1:30 our time, turned the ugly rental car in and went home to relax.

It was a great weekend! Can’t wait to see her again…probably not until August though

Here are a couple more pictures. My camera batteries died so I didn’t nearly as many as I wish I could have. They were mostly all taken on Sunday so sorry if they all look alike! :-)

Jessica is obsessed with Tessa...she took care of her as much as she could!

Hanging out on the couch watching some TV

Jessica getting Tessa dressed!


Jessica and her ridiculous amount of hair...This is her Jacob (from Twilight) inspired hair!!! hahaha it is sooooo out of control!

 I told her she needed to put her hair was taking over the pictures! Tessa agreed!

Another one just like the previous

 I really like this picture.

The three of us!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Her Outfit Today...

Poor Tess....I forgot to put out an outfit for her to wear to daycare. This is what Casey decided to put her in...his defense was that they both had pink in them! I left her in the outfit because Casey was determined and he thought she looked fine!!! He has a lot to learn :-) Oh...and the socks...totally too small! I missed that this morning!

I can't complain too much...atleast he does help me out in the morning and get her ready for daycare!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Random Pictures of Tessa!

Here are a couple pictures of Tessa taken over the past couple weeks!
Our first mommy/daughter walk outside on Monday!

Look at those cheeks!

Tessa LOVES her Bumbo!

My new favorite picture of her!

Kim came and visited on Sunday! It was a great visit. She hasn't seen Tessa since she was about 3 weeks old! Tessa was a little crabby though...another reason why I think she is wasn't her usual cries. It was a great visit though! Hopefully we will see her again soon!

I love her sooooo much! :-) And those cheeks!!!

Friday Tessa and I are headed to Rock Island, IL to visit Jessica! I am so excited! VERY nervous for the 5 hour drive but I know it will be totally worth it! I know I will have a TON of pictures to post!

Until next time....

Tessa's First Trip to her Aunt Stacie's house!

Saturday evening we went to Tessa's Aunt Stacie's house in Flint. She slept the entire hour drive which was great because she was up and ready to socialize when we got there. Tessa's Aunt Raeann and little Bella were there also so it was a great visit.
Here are a couple pictures:
Tessa with her Aunt Stacie

Brooke (Stacie's youngest) and Bella (Raeann's daughter)

Doesn't everyone do yoga while they eat?

Tessa with Aunt Raeann, Aunt Stacie, and Bella!

I am pretty sure Tessa is teething...she sure is a drool bucket! We forgot her bib!

Tessa and Bella playing...can't wait until they are both at the age where they can play together!

Stacie has seriously one of the largest cats ever!!! It is a Maine Coon and his name is Bullet! Here are a couple pictures I took while we were there. Super nice cat too even though he is ginormous!!!

Casey with Bullet

Wesley (Stacie's Son)

Bella loves Bullet!

Bullet relaxing on Raeann!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Visit with Aunt Raeann and Bella :-)

Prepare for picture overload!

Tessa is so amazing! She is getting so big and cuter (if that is even possible!) more and more every day!

Sunday Tessa finally got to meet her Aunt Raeann and cousin (future BFF) Bella. Bella will be 10 months on the 12th of March so they are about 6 1/2 months apart. I can't wait until they get to the age where they can play together. Here are a couple pictures from the visit.

Bella is so cute! I just love her eyes!!!

Tessa got a little hungry.... :-)

Here are some more random pictures I have taken of Tess over the past week

She LOVES staring into this mirror and looking at the butterfly and ladybug.
We sure are going to have our hands full when she gets older!

Totally annoyed with me taking pictures by this point....
I know she is thinking: MOM STOP!!!!! :-)

Until Next Time.......