Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There has been a lot of adjusting in our life lately. Thankfully most of it has gone on without any problems!
The move home was interesting since I thought it would be an amazing idea to buy a big ol’ 8 in 1 climber! That was a huge pain in the you know what to get up north with all the other stuff I was bringing…but we adjusted…well I should say my Dad adjusted! The good thing is we only had to stop once to re-tie everything down since a piece was starting to fall out of the back of the truck!
Tessa had a huge adjustment with daycare. At her daycare downstate it was mostly just her, now she has a daycare with 8-10 other kids with a handful of them around her age! She has a ton of fun and is worn out by the end of the day. NO! and MINE! are also two of her new favorite words! She has been in daycare since the beginning of September and she is JUST now finally napping! We had some very exhausted evenings with Tessa for the past month because she refused to nap. A lot of the time we could get home from daycare around 4:15 and she would fall asleep on the way home so she would nap until 5:30ish and then she would be cranky until bedtime. Finally her daycare lady put Tessa’s bed in her own room that was dark and she slept like a baby! Tessa is just too nosy (like her mommy!) to be able to sleep around other kids. She was always looking around and would just not sleep. She would stay in her bed and lay down for an hour or so but would never fall asleep. I felt horrible for my daycare lady because I know what its like to get that 1 to 2 hours of break time! Hopefully last week wasn’t a fluke and she will be back to napping regularly at daycare, she just needed her own space.
Another huge adjustment is just losing our space. We moved home and are crashing with my parents until spring. After living on my own for so many years, it has been a little difficult to go back to living with them, but it’s for the best right now. Tessa absolutely loves it and she adores my parents…and the extra help is amazing!
A huge adjustment I have had to make is working in a prison…it has been interesting to say the least. My work hours are 6:30am to 2:30pm. I have a 34 minute drive so I have to leave for work around 5:50am…WAYYY too early! BUT getting off work and being home around 3pm every day has been amazing. I don’t pick Tessa up from daycare until around 4ish so I get an hour to myself everyday which has been so nice…however lately I have been using that hour to sneak a nap in!

So yeah…lots of adjusting but it has been good! We are so happy to be home!
Enjoy a couple of video's of Tessa!!!!

She loved the bouncy house at her Aunt's house! (Ignore the commentary from the peanut gallery! lol)

Until next time…Peace, Love, and Tessa!

Ps. Expect more posts from me J Probably more words than pictures! I have set a goal to update at least a couple times a week! Maybe more J I know my handful or readers are SUPER excited! Ha!

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