Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We have a walker!


AND we have an all the time walker! :-) Super cute video I took!
She is walking everywhere now!!! Super adorable!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tessa loves her sled!

For Chistmas Nana and Grandpa got little Miss Tessa a sled! Unforunately because we have either a) had no snow, or b) it was too cold out, we just haven't used it outside yet! We have spent PLENTY of time pulling her around inside but not outside.
 That all changed earlier this week! We bundled Tessa up and pulled her around the apartment complex for a bit (around 10 minutes - her little nose was all red bc it was cold!). She LOVED it. She was just a squealing away! I was really looking forward to pulling her around more this weekend but....I'd say 0 or below zero is a LITTLE too cold. Hopefully we will get to spend more time outside soon!

Tessa is CONSTANTLY on the go! She sure does keep me on my toes! She is a sponge and learning new things every day! Yesterday we finally got some professional pictures taken of her. Tessa was a HAM! In the beginning we just had her sitting and then she starting moving around and posing. It was hilarious. We might just have a model on our hands...she should have the height for it! :-) Tessa started getting a little fussy but overall I think we got some good shots. She was here an entire hour and surprisingly Tessa was great! I can't wait to see them!

My mom, who has been here since beginning of December, is leaving next weekend. It is going to be a huge adjustment! She helps us out soooooooooo much. We have to get back into the swing of daycare...which I am NOT looking forward to at all. Tessa is going back to her previous daycare lady on the 31st. I hope Tessa does okay with the transition...and I hope I do okay too.

My next update should include some super cute pictures of Tessa!
Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pacifier Monster


Happy January! We are up north this week at my parents house. Tessa has been playing with everything BUT the toys we brought :-) she would much rather play with the cupboards and Tupperware instead of her super fun toys. Yesterday we visited with my grandparents. Tessa for once didn't cry! Lately she has been crying when she is around someone she isn't used to and the last couple times she has cried when we were over there.
The funniest thing happened Tuesday night. Tess only gets a pacifier at bedtime. Tuesday night I had a container of pacifiers sitting out and she found them! The was in pacifier heaven. As you can see in the picture, she had one in her mouth and one in each hand. She kept popping one out to quickly pop another in. It was super cute.
We were originally supposed to come home Saturday but because I don't want to drive home in lots of snow we will be leaving tomorrow from my moms appointment in Petoskey. I shouldn't have to drive in the snow but I will be driving in the dark... which I hate.
Hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far!
Until next time...Peace, Love, and Tessa!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

13 Months

My Tessa sure is keeping me on my toes! At 13 months she is interested in everything! She just started crawling up on about nerve wracking! She is starting to walk a lot more...however just the other day she started walking on her knees! Hopefully that isn't a long term mode of transportation!
She LOVES banana's and blueberries! Her favorite veggies are green beans and peas...sometimes carrots. If you put any type of potato in front of her she will eat it faster than you can get it on her place. She pretty much will eat anything we put in front of her! She is still sleeping through the night a majority of the time. She has some molars coming through right now that are causing some sleepless nights, but overall I can't complain!
My mom has been down with us since the beginning of December. It is SO nice having her around. She is so helpful and Tessa loves her so much! We don't get up north too much anymore so having her down for an extended visit is our daycare costs are non-existant for a couple of months...can't complain! She is leaving the end of the month...and then I have to remember how to cook again :-)

I've been rambling a lot so here are the important things...PICTURES!

50 Degrees out in the WINTER!

Loves her dolls...and her sled! We need snow!

Hugging her lion! Her new thing is hugging. She hugs everything and then makes a grunting noise as she hugs tight. Its so cute!

Too stinkin' cute! 
Look at those cheeks!

Love watching Tessa grow and learn new things everyday! Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!!!!!