Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nana's video of the day!


The lighting is really bad because I had her curtains closed from her nap. Enjoy!

and yes...I know my voice is super annoying...but Tessa loves it! :-)

As always...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

Thanks Great Aunt Jennifer!

Earlier this week we got a suprise package (2 super cute outfits and a life jacket!) from our amazing Aunt (Tessa's Great Aunt!) Jennifer aka Antigen from Wisconsin! We put on one of the outfits today...I tried to get some cute pictures but Tessa was more interested in  her lion and Casper than she was me! Here are a couple pictures!
First when I was trying to take a picture she wanted to play with her lion...

Then Casper our cat came into the room

She was REALLY excited about that!

Finally got a cheeky smile out of her...even if she wasn't looking at me!

Rolling around with her lion!

We never did make it to the park...I decided I wanted to make a nicer dinner and that took a good chuck of my evening...then I was just too lazy to go anywhere :-)

Here is one last picture of Tessa knawing on a cucumber while we ate dinner

Until Next Time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

I love weekends!


I love weekends so much. Spending the day with exhausting as it just amazing! This morning she woke up WAY too early at 5:30am...thankfully around 7:00 she went back to bed for an hour and a half to let me get a little more sleep! She is napping right now. As soon as she wakes up we are going to go to the park! I will post pictures soon of our park adventure!
playing with toys!
she loves this toy!
Skyping with Nana! We try to do it every weekend!
Keeping Tessa confined while I get her some milk! She rolls everywhere these days...

Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A couple video's

The first video is of Tessa and her first pickle. We poked a couple holes into the side and she just had a ton of fun sucking on it. I think it was a good for her constant teething!

The second video is of her rolling/crawling/blabbering on the floor. The end messed up and it's like its in slow motion...but the beginning of the video is cute! Too bad I don't know how to edit video's!

Please ignore my annoying voice in both these video's!

Until next time...Peace, Love, and Tessa!

First time Swinging!

This past weekend we went to a local park and Tessa went on the swings for the first time. She LOVED it! It was pretty hot out so we stayed in the shade and played on a blanket most of the time while Casey played basketball and grilled with some friends. Here are a ton of pictures:

So I think I have my blog finally caught up! Hope you all enjoy the pictures and posts! I will have one more post with a couple of video's.

Until next time..Peace, Love, and Tessa!

Up North!

Casey, Tessa, and I drove the 4 hours up to our hometown over the 4th of July. We had so much fun but unfortunately my mom hurt her back and we did do as much as we usually would. It was a nice relaxing weekend (actually 5 days) but it sure was HOT. We are totally spoiled and used to having A/C. Tessa did not to well in the heat - she did not eat well or sleep well most of the trip. My parents were able to get a window A/C unit for my bedroom window and that helped keep Tessa cool that last couple of days. She also went in a little pool for the first time. She was unsure at first but ended up loving it and splashing and having so much fun. Here are some pictures of our trip:
Tessa's first time in sand...she hated it. Thats my girl!

Daddy trying to get Tessa to play in the Sand.

She wasn't having anything to do with it and wanted OUT!

Playing outside while dinner was being grilled!

 I love this picture of her...she was looking at her daddy.
Notice the bug bite next to her nose?! We both got bit so many time...darn bugs!

Exhausted! She looks so long in this picture.

Happy 4th of July!!!! My poor baby was miserable. It was sooo hot out and she was really fussy and cried a lot. Thankfully though the sirens and stuff during the parade didn't bother her at all.

SWIM TIME! Any guesses as to who got her this swimsuit? Yep...Jessica! :-) She really loved the water once she got used to it. Unfortunately for me now she splashes so much more during bath time!

This water was exactly what she was so hot. I think it was hotter in my parents house than it was outside!

Fingers always in her mouth!

I was so paranoid the entire time that she was going to fall backwards.

playing at Nana's

She is just so cute!!!!  I can't get enough of her!

I wish I had more pictures but SOMEONE lost my camera batteries :-(
Can't wait to get up north again!!!!

More Fun Tessa Pictures!

She absolutely loves this toy - it sings really annoying songs about different zoo animals.
Sitting in the nice warm clothes from the dryer as we go into the room to fold them!
Still loves her jumper!
Totally fascinated by this water bottle!

She lights up my life! I love her so much and her smiles!
I hope she always has her chubber cheeks!