Monday, October 3, 2011


See this darling little face?! Super adorable first thing in the morning right?!
This cute little gal has a new favorite word...NO! 
(she says it SOOO cute too)
Anyway...this is our conversation this evening:
Tessa do you want to go for a ride? NO
Do you want some ice cream? NO
Do you want to go outside? NO
Do you want a pony?! UH HUH!!!! (Tessa's yes :)
Can mommy have a kiss? NO
Is Tessa ready for bed? NO
Does Tessa want to say up really late tonight? NO
Night Night time Tessa. NO!!! 
Give Nana a hug and kiss night night. NO!!
Everything is NO!!!!! Except the Pony of course :)

THEN when she lays down for bed and all I can hear is her saying NO different ways :) It can be frustrating at times but she is just the cutest little thing when she says it :) yes...she has her mommy wrapped around her finger :)

Until next time... Peace, Love, and Tessa!

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