Sunday, June 27, 2010

Growing up!


This picture of Tessa wearing an outfit her Auntie Jess got her makes her look soooooooo big! She is growing up too fast!

Okay for real...I have to go to bed!

As always! Peace, Love, and Tessa!
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My Little Shopper in Training!


I thought Tessa looked so cute shopping today! I totally forgot to bring her super cute shopping cart cover in with us though! It was just a quick run into meijer looking for those car seat strap covers for her shoulders/neck. Her straps keep rubbing against the side of her neck. Meijer didn't have them so ill check Target! Her straps never caused a problem until the past couple days :-( Anyway! Tomorrow she is 7 months old! Crazy! Will post new pictures soon!!!!!!

Until next time...Peace, Love, and Tessa!!!!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy Cat!


Thought this picture was cute! I was sorting and labeling clothes that I borrowed and as the pile grew it started to pile onto my chubbers cat Casper! Being the lazy cat that he is he would not move! SO the pile just started on top of him! :-) Enjoy!

I will have some updates of Tessa soon! She is 6 days away from being 7 months old! EEEEKS! 7 months already!!??!!? Where has the time gone?!

Until next time...Peace, Love, and Tessa!!!
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

*Gush* My daughter is ADORABLE!

Cute Right?! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love relaxing weekends!


I just love relaxing weekends. There is not much better than having an entire day with nothing that has to be done...sure there is laundry to be finished, dishes to be washed, and floors to be mopped...but those can always wait! Today was all about Tessa and I. I stayed up way too late finishing a great book (Heart of the Matter by Emily Griffin) and Tessa was up and ready to play at 5:30am. This was much earlier than normal...that's what I get for staying up until 12:30am reading!!!! Anyway, like I said today was all about Tess and I. We went for a walk early before it got too hot, did a little shopping (had to get some FREE toilet vanishing drops! Ha), and came back home, took a nap and are now outside relaxing! It is a hot day out but when you are out of direct sun and with the breeze it's perfect. Pretty soon I have to start making dinner though. Tomorrow is Casey's first fathers day with Tessa here at home with us. Tonight I'm going to be making something out of chicken for dinner...haven't thought that far ahead. I miss cooking so this dinner will be a nice one. Crazy that now that Tessa is here we usually aren't eating until 8 or 9 at night! Even then its usually nothing too fancy!
On to the important stuff...TESSA! She is doing so well! Still sleeping through the night, eating solids twice a day, and still getting breastmilk! She has her favorite toys and is still constantly chewing on her hands and feet! She has become a lot more vocal and squeals all the time. I also found out she loves country music. If she is in a fussy mood and I put on country music videos she gets all happy and smiley and even laughs! She gets REALLY happy when the Emily West/Keith Urban song comes on! So weird! She throws everything she can and loves her jumper. She still uses her exersaucer but prefers her Jumper. Still has no hair but rocks the bald head like no one else can :-) Her eyes are brownish blue with a hint of green...which means really we have no clue what color her eyes will be just yet :-)
Hmmmm I think that's all for now, I'm sure there is more but we are still outside and Tess is getting fussy! Time to head inside and figure out dinner!

Until next time...Peace,Love, and Tessa!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 Month Well Baby Checkup!

Today was Tessa's 6 month checkup.
I don't have much time to update a lot but here are a couple of the important stats/information.

Weight - 15lbs (20%) (Ped not concerned about her weight at all)
Height - 27 3/4 inches (95%!!!!! WOWZERS!)
Head Circum - can't remember the measurement but it was in the 63%.

Everything was perfect except she does need to see an Opthalmologist. Sounds scary right?! Thats what I thought too but its not too bad. She just needs to go see a specialist about the tear duct in her right eye. Is is still clogged and her right eye is constantly watering and all goopy. The medical name for it is: nasolacrimal duct stenosis. Scary right?! But again...not too bad. It is an OR procedure but from what I understand they will put a stint in her tear duct that will open up the duct. I have to call tomorrow to schedule the procedure. Super scary but after it will be so much better without a goopy eye!

Until next time... Peace, Love, and Tessa! :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Picture Overload!!!!!

This little girl is my everything!
I guarantee every picture will make you smile!!!!

Relaxing at Nana's

Such a Sweetheart
Sitting Pretty with Nana!
That smile melts my heart!
So much love!
Scooting herself backwards!
Love Lacy...but Lacy was cautious
Lacy would act like she wasn't looking at her and then every now and then glance her cute!
Starting to love being on her stomach now!
And loves sitting pretty!
Such a good sitter1
Tessa with Great Grandma Red!
Who are you?!
Walking around the board sick of Lacy walking me so we let her wander on her own for a bit.
HOME.....I miss this place :-(
Really...who leaves this place for the city?!?!?!
Her new toy from Nana...She loved it!!!
She was so interested in all the different buttons!

Tessa with Grandma Lyn

My favorite picture!!!!!!
So serious! I love her hands and feet in this picture!
Trying to get Casper!
Trying to figure out why Casper went away...
But he came back and she started pulling on his tail!
And he moved again!
But left his tail for her to play with

Until Next time....Tessa on toy overload!

6 months!!

Crazy how fast time goes by! I can't believe my little Tess is already 6 months old...half a year already!!! She is just the most amazing little girl ever. She has recently been able to sit up on her own...with the occasional throwing herself backwards! She reaches for toys and definitely has her favorite toys! She still loves her exersaucer and her jumper a lot. She has recently started scooting backwards! Its cute but she gets very frustrated because even though she wants to go forward she keeps going backwards. Tessa has also developed a huge interest in our annoying rat cats, Casper especially! She is always reaching for the cats at every opportunity she gets!
She is just too much fun and growing so fast.
Her 6 month appt is next Tuesday! Can't wait to update you all on her stats!!!
Here is one picture until I can find the time later tonight to post a bunch more!

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