Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!


This year was the best Christmas ever! Not only did I have a great time with my family, but I also had the best gift daughter! Casey got me a beautiful bracelet, I felt so spoiled because we weren't supposed to really do much this Christmas present wise so it was nice. I also got a new crockpot (which I totally needed)! I was pretty pumped about that. All the presents I got were just perfect this year. My parents got Tessa the cutest outfit ever!!! She looks just adorable in it! Here it is:

Christmas day in the evening my Mom, Dad, and I went to see the movie It's Complicated (going to the movies on Christmas day is a Evans Family tradition!). Such a fantastic movie! I laughed the entire time!!! Definately a must see!!! Casey stayed home with Tessa...this is what I came home to find:
Adorable right?! He is such a great dad!

My mom is headed back up north for a couple weeks...kinda nervous! She has been my crutch now and so is just Casey and I. Which will be fine...BUT I am going to miss all the cooking and cleaning! I have been sooo spoiled lately! We are going up north January 8th until the 12th. She will be coming back down with us on the 12th since I have to go back to work on the 13th :-(

Tomorrow Tessa will be 1 month old! Where has the time gone?!?!?! I can't believe she is already a month old! She sure is growing though...she is getting so heavy and super long. She is growing out of all her adorable clothes! :-) Just gives me a good reason to buy more! She still kinda has her nights and days mixed up but is getting better. She slept for 7 hours last night!!! Granted that started at 3am and she was awake from 10pm until 3am but I still got a nice long sleep (with the acception of having to pump at 7am).

Until next time....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bath Time!

Oh Bath Time!!! What a hilarious time! :-) Thankfully she loves bath time!!!
These are pictures from Tessa's second bath. Her first one was not as was super uncomfortable in the baby tub we have (she is just too small for it right now) AND she pooped in the water so it was just a big mess :-)

Her second bath was much better! I was worried that she was going to poop in the water again because she hadn't pooped in awhile...we had some pooping issues poor girl...(Beware TMI)...after filling three diapers we are all good in that department! ANYWAY, We ended up using the small tub the hospital gave us and her tub sponge thingy in the kitchen sink...worked much better!

When we first put her in the water she just froze up and put her hands in front of her face and was super was like she thought she was in the womb again!

(Her Belly looks really big because she needed to poop!!!! Thankfully she is "regular" again!!!!)

Here are some more pictures! She wouldn't take her hands away from her face!

Bath time was a success!!!! :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Pictures!

This post will be just ALL pictures. Enjoy!!!!

Jen, Jessica, and I

Aunti Jess loving Tessa

Her visit was WAY to short

Close up of my darling!

Ready for her outing :-) All bundled up!

Nana loving some Tessa! Isn't her outfit just adorable! She won't fit it much longer though.

CUTEST outfit ever...I might just have to go buy it in the next size up!!!!

She LOVES her bouncer! She is always soooo alert and looking around when she is in it.

Tessa & Nana bonding time!

Tessa and I relaxing!

Another CUTE outfit!!!! We play dress up a lot! :)

Me trying to get a good picture of her outfit! :-)

Nap time!

Already has her daddy wrapped around her finger!

She was crabby when I was taking these pictures


Precious! Lacy is super good with her...but I think she misses all the attention.


Once again...Daddy wrapped around her fingers!
I absolutely LOVE this picture...and you can tell just how tiny she really is!

Sleeping on her daddy...she is always SOOOO good for him.

Daddy up with Tessa and giving Lacy some loving too.

Adjusting to life as a mommy

Tessa is already 10 days old! I am having a hard time believing its already been 10 days! Tessa has changed sooo much and already has quite the personality. She loves to eat, sleep, and poop! :-) Our little darling seems to have her nights and days confused...she sleeps all day and has been up most of the nights. Thankfully I am not sleep deprived because I have Casey and my mom constantly tending to Tessa when I need to sleep. Keeping this blog short here are a TON of pictures of my sweetie!

Jessica took some family pictures of us. They turned out super are a couple. (They look a little blurry when I uploaded them on here but they aren't really blurry like that)

My Sleeping Beauty!

Love it when her eyes are wide open!

My FAVORITE picture of her. This was the picture we used for her birth announcement in the St.Ignace Newspaper

One of our "first" family pictures

Jessica came to visit!!!

Silly Blogspot won't let me upload more pictures...I will just have to add another post! :-)

Tessa is here!!!! *Birth Story*

Long time since I have updated this blog! I have so much to update about and a TON of cute pictures to add! I will be doing this is multiple blog posts so up first will be Tessa's birth story!


I woke up SUPER anxious Friday morning bright and early. Looked outside...of course ICY ROADS...first sign of ice this year...figures. :) After taking a back way to the hospital because of a car accident due to Black Ice on the highway we arrived at the hospital at 7:30am ready to get this party started! For some reason I thought "HA! I am hours away from meeting Tessa"...little did I know I was MANY hours away!
(Waiting for them to start the induction!!!!)

After I was settled in and they had me all IV'd up with antibiotic for GBS +, and whatever it is they give me to stay hydrated, the OB came in at 9:00am and checked me...I was still 2 almost 3 cm dilated...but closer to 2 and 50% effaced...bummer....I was hoping I would be dilated more. They started me on the pitocin drip IV at 9:30am, at about 11:00am the contractions started getting really painful in my back...yes back labor yet again...I don't wish back labor on ANYONE. Because of the pitocin the contractions were 2 minutes apart and man did they hurt.

Finally at 1:30 pm the OB came back in and checked me again...after all those painful contractions I was only at 3 cm...I wanted to cry. They did not want to give me an epidural so early because I was only 3 cm so they offered me morphine. I have NEVER had morphine and now I know why!!! It made me SOOOOO loopy! and it did NOT take the pain away! So basically Casey and my mom got some good laughs while I was in pain and loopy! Wasn't too funny at the time for me....but now its hilarious! :-)

At 5:30 pm the OB came back in and checked me again....STILL at 3 cm with the ridiculous back labor every 2 - 3 minutes. THEN for some reason the pitocin kinda just stopped working and the contractions stopped and I got a little break. BUT the OB's were concerned because after all the contractions all day they just stopped. So I got a nice break for about 3 1/2 hours contraction free.

At 9:00 pm OB came back in and they took me off pitocin, let me eat and take a shower and they were planning on restarting pitocin after the little break in hopes it will kick back into gear.

At 10:30 pm they restarted the pitocin. Since my labor wasn't exactly going fast my mom decided to head back home for the night and get a good nights sleep. Casey stayed with me at the hospital and was in for a rough night. My contractions came back around midnight and made for a LONG night...they were so painful and ALL in my back.

At 5:00 am they checked me again and I was 4 cm dilated...Big freaking do...after all that pain I was SURE I was atleast 50 cm dilated! If not more!!! :)

They finally offered me the epidural and I said YES YES PLEASE!!!!

At 5:30 am the day got a little better because I got my epidural!!!! Poor Casey haha...he had a rough time seeing me have to get that...I thought he was going to pass out. He had this look of pure fear on his face, but he was good and helped me through it. It hurt a lot more than last time but once it started working it was amazing!!!

I FINALLY got to sleep for a bit. My mom and dad came to visit around 8:30am and Casey ran home to take a shower and change his clothes.

They came back in again to check my progress about 10:30am. I was 5 - 6 cm! YES I thought that was great...then the they were checking to see how dilated I was my water broke!!!! ALL of a sudden things started moving quickly! I was all worried because Casey still wasn't back. I finally got a hold of him and he was already on his way. He got there about 15 minutes later.

The pressure really started to come at about 10:45 am (pressure that feels like you have to poo....but you don't...its just the baby moving down into the birth canal or something like that).

At 11:00am the OB came in to check me, YES I was 10 cm and he was ready to push and I was like im scared!!! I got soo scared but he was soo nice and was like you can do this. SO I pushed one push and he was like okay stop (I could FEEL the head kinda poking out) and he hit the call button and all of a sudden people started coming from everywhere and they were all set for me to deliver this baby! after only about 5 minutes (maybe even less) of actual pushing Tessa Marie was here at 11:12 am just a screaming!

(My OB: Dr. Burnett)

She weighed 7 lbs 3 oz, and was 19 inches long.

(Right after I delivered her!) (Being weighed!!! She sure was stretching!)

I had to stay 36 hrs after her birth because I was GBS +, we got home LATE Sunday night around midnight. It has been a HUGE adjustment having her home, but its been a great adjustment!

Here are a couple pictures from when we were still at the hospital:

(Getting ready to go home!!!!)

(Sleeping before we headed home!!!)

(Wide awake with her Daddy!)

(Awww...My two fav's sleeping!)

(Me and my little lady shortly after delivery)

(Super cute!)

(Tessa and her Proud Uncle Jason)

(Hospital put her in a blue gown...thankfully I had a blue bow!)

(Look at how her hands are crossed!)

(Proud Daddy shortly after delivery)