Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MI Momma's Meet!

So here's a little back story. After Alyssa died I did a lot of searching online and I found a great online support group through a message board type website. The Stillbirth message board helped me through an extremely difficult time. The ladies on there were amazing.

When I got pregnant with Tessa I ventured out to the other message boards on the site and joined the December Due Date Club :-) It was super exciting to be able to talk about the good and the bad about being pregnant with around 30 or so stranger friends :-)

We have been keeping in close contact online since basically March/April of 2009. For the past two years I have really got to know these women and I feel like they are good friends. It just so happen two of these women are from MI! One is literally like 30 minutes away :-)

Yesterday three of us met up for dinner with our kiddo's! It was so great being able to finally meet them! We had a super fun time and the kids really enjoyed it! I am hoping to get together with them more!

Here are some pictures from playing after dinner outside the restaurant. I brought my camera but didn't realize I had a smudge on the lens until the end. Thankfully one of they other ladies got some great pictures! :-)

So...have you ever tried to get three 18 month olds to sit still long enough to get their picture taken? Its quite difficult...and extremely hilarious!
They all had their own idea's!
 Tessa being the bossy girl that she is :-)
That's it! They are done :-)

  Next we moved onto the curb :-) got some cute shots! Again...they all had their own idea's!
 Hi Tessa! :-) I kept saying Show me your teeth! 
 Tessa's wondering where he's going! 
 You! STOP! :-) I'm telling ya...she is bossy! No clue where she gets that from....
 "Cool Shoes", "Thanks, they are new! My mommy bought them for me because she is SOOOOOO COOL!" 

Come on...Let's get this over with! lol
 How cool!!! A cement pillar! It's the little things :-)
Tessa already chasing boys....oh help me! lol

So the pictures below are from my camera...they look horrible because my lens was covered in dirty little finger prints....But they are still hilarious! 
This was the first picture we tried to get...One was falling, Tessa was out of there...lots of laughs from the Momma's! 

 Tessa cheesing it up with Tami!
 They were holding hands!!!!
 And then they fell....
And couldn't get up! 

And finally!! The one picture that turned out with my camera after I realized I had a dirty lens! These ladies will be life long friends! I am so looking forward to seeing our kids grow up together! I look forward to our next meet up! :-)

Until Next Time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!!!! 

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