Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Layout/Blog Name

So...since this blog is mostly about Tessa I decided to change the name of my blog to Peace, Love, and TESSA! I know its NOT that big of a deal but if you look at my blog through reader (which based on my stats 8 of you do....) the blog name still shows up at The Fenwick Family Blog...which is lame. SO if you could unsubscribe to my blog through reader and then add it back again (http://simplyjenalee.blogspot.com) the NEW and IMPROVED name will show up!!! :-)

Also....you are a loyal blog reader by way of Reader you should leave the comfort of your reader and actually visit my blog! I have a super cute new layout and header!!! :-) I know...super exciting!

You have work to do...update your reader and visit my blog :-)

Yes....i'm bossy...i'm allowed to be because i'm headed to home in 2 days!!!!!

But...i'm not thaaaaaat excited :-)

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