Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alyssa's Lilac Tree

The other day my dad told me that Alyssa's tree is starting to bloom and that it should be fully bloomed when I get up north! This made me so happy! AND then he went on to add that all of the other Lilac Tree's in the area have already bloom...its like this tree was waiting for me to come up north! I love the little signs she sends me :-)

My dad emailed me some pictures today that I LOVE! The tree is starting to bloom and the butterflies are all over it!!! I have always thought of Alyssa as my little butterfly...even her room was decorated in butterflies! The summer after Alyssa died whenever I would see a butterfly it would make me smile, I always thought of it as a sign from her to be strong and keep being optimistic! Today...seeing that picture of the butterflies on her tree makes me smile. I could be a debbie downer and focus on the sad but I know she wouldn't want that :-) Instead I take the signs she sends me and keep the smile on my face. For her, and for Tessa.

Enjoy the pictures my dad sent me!

2 comments on "Alyssa's Lilac Tree"

Lindsay said...

love it. :) Thanks for sharing!

Ling on June 27, 2011 at 11:22 AM said...

Jenalee, you made me cry every time when you use your unique way to memorize Alyssa. I truly enjoyed reading your posts, which are full of happiness with a little bit sadness. Sometimes I feel your heart feels lonely, which really made me sad even though you still smile and laugh every day.

But Tessa is sooo cute! I believe Alyssa would be so happy for you and her sister. The purple flower and butterfly are so beautiful! That is Alyssa, a beautiful angel who sends you a message that she loves you and cares about you and her sister!!

Thank you for sharing!