Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Up North Beach Fun!

Tessa and I have been enjoying the great up north since last Thursday! We are having a ton of fun! A couple days ago we went to the Sand Dunes! Tessa had a lot of fun as long as her feet here NOT touching the sand. She hated her feet touching the sand! She ended up playing in the sand but sitting on a towel :) Eventually she got a little brave and took interest in the water. Enjoy the pictures below!!!
 Sitting on her towel...not enjoying herself yet!
 She was ready to play!
BEAUTIFUL!!! I love being home! 
 Ready to play as long as her feet were on the towel!
 Grandpa would make a sand castle and Tessa would knock it down! 
Playing with Grandpa! Notice feet are still on the towel! :) 
Feet were sandy! Telling Grandpa to get the sand off!!! 
Feet still on the towel :P 
Love it here! 
 waiting for the waves to hit our feet! 
 Slowly inching her way down to the water!

 AND WE ARE IN!!!!! 
Splish Splash!!! 
Waiting for the water!!!

We had SO much fun! Planning on going back again tomorrow or Friday! 

And another picture I just have to add! My parents have an apple tree in their back yard with a Robins nest! The momma Robin is always sitting on the nest but I snuck up there when she was away to get a picture! The eggs are so pretty! 

Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

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