Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July!!!

This post will be picture heavy! We had a lot of fun on the 4th. We went downtown to St.Ignace's LAME parade and then went to the community 4th of July party to visit with some family!!! Here are the pics!
 walking around waiting for the parade to start
 she loves fountains!
 finally the parade is starting! i was surprised she didn't mind the loud sirens of the emergency vehicles starting the parade.
 she was not too sure about Mr. Ronald McDonald
 loved her dress :)
waving to the parade! 
one of the floats handed out popsicles...she wasn't a fan
 she is so cute!
 waving again! she is so cute!
 we had a little bit of time to waste before my mom had to go to work so we went down to the bridge view and let Tessa run around for a bit!
 pointing to the Mighty Mac!
 having fun 
 picking flowers
 Tessa blowing in the wind!
 doing her "I Don't Know" pose! 

 At the community 4th of July party! Cousin Jenny gave her a pinwheel! 
 this is what happens when Tessa grabs the camera!
wearing Aunt Sandy's sunglasses!
Playing with Jenny!

Amazingly after a late afternoon nap Tessa was able to stay up to watch the fireworks! AND she was in a good mood! She had more fun running around the back end of Uncle Jason's truck (thank goodness it was cleaned out!). 
 watching some pre-fireworks being let off by the people sitting near us.
 have I ever told you that I love her! :)

 this is the real reason she was able to stay up until 11pm! JUST KIDDING :-)
Although the fireworks didn't really interest her much at all she did pay attention to a couple of them! I think next year she will like them better! 

Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

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