Thursday, November 25, 2010

Up North Fun

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I have so much to be thankful for this year. I have a fantastic family and amazing friends. But most of all I am thankful for Tessa. She just lights up my life! The past two years have been really tough on me. You all know me as the happy ol' Jen. 95% of the time the happiness is genuine. But there is always the time I have to force the smiles because I'm hurting inside. Tessa thankfully helps me get through the hard times. There isn't much a Tessa snuggle can't cure. I'm so grateful she is in my life. I miss Alyssa so so so much, but I know Tessa is here to make things so much better...and so far she has! Spending so much time with her this week has been great...tiring but great! Its going to be tough going back to work next week! Thankfully my parents will be visiting and the extra help is going to be great!
Speaking of the parents...being home has been great. We have been visiting with family a lot and also eating a lot! I have really missed my moms cooking! Tessa has been chasing my parents dog around a lot as you can see in the picture. She loves lacy so much. Lacy loves Tess too! So glad she is a great dog!
Its reallllllllly cold here though. Silly me brought my winter boots but forgot a winter coat! Just packed my fleece...oops! I can't handle the cold like I used to! I think I'm losing my yooperhood and becoming a troll! Eeeeks!
Headed to bed now. Tessa hasn't been sleeping the greatest here. She usually wakes up around 12:30 every night for a cry fest. She has also been a little crabbier than usual at times during the day so I'm thinking she might be Teething.

Busy day tomorrow! I need to make 26 billion cupcakes (or 40) and a smash cake for Tessa's party! Can't wait to post lots of pics from my trip when we get home!
Until next time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!!!!
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