Sunday, November 7, 2010

11 Months!

Tessa is one month closer to turning 1!!!!! It is crazy to me. This first year is going so fast! I wish it would slow down but then again I am so excited to see her learn and hit milestones! She is such a happy baby, always smiling and rarely crying. She babbles all the time now. I think she will be a talker like her momma :-) My parents came down last weekend! We had so much fun, They haven't seen Tessa since August and she was crawling..but not like she is now!
I don't have much time so I will get right to the important stuff...PICTURES!

 She always has her tongue out :-)

 Ha! I had just caught her playing with the table!  
 There's that tongue again!

 My parent's dog Lacy was SOOO good with Tessa. She would just sit there and let Tessa do whatever she wanted!!!

 Tessa recognized my parents instantly and was so excited to see them! I think us Skyping helps!

 Tessa loved Lacy. I think she liked the fact that when she goes to touch her she doesn't run away like the cats do!

 I love this picture so much!!!!
 Tessa loves banana's!

 I can't get enough of this little girl!

 Tessa trying to play with Casper...
 Tessa trying to be Casper?!

1 more month until Tessa is a year old! Most of the plans are finalized for her birthday party! It is going to be so much fun! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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