Saturday, September 4, 2010

9 Months!

Very hard to believe that my little 7lb 3oz baby girl is now 9 months old and weights probably around 18 to 20 lbs!!! She is so much fun. Crawling EVERYWHERE! Pulling herself up on everything, getting bumps and bruises all the time. She is constantly saying dadadadada....I try telling her to say mama but she refuses....she ends up saying dada even louder. The great thing is that she is always full of smiles. Her smiles just melt my heart!

The last couple of days she has really tried testing her boundries. Today she headed down the hallway, looked back to make sure I was watching her, I continued to tell her no...but all I got was a big ol' smile and Tessa taking off crawling at high speeds down the hall squealing the entire time.

She also goes to my microwave cart and pulls out all of my hand towels and wash cloths...the cat food is about 6 inches away from the towels so for now I am just thankful she is leaving the cat food alone. The other day she was obsessed with it...but I moved it about a foot away and she hasn't found it yet. I am sure once the towels become lame she will move on to the cat food.

She has been teething comes and goes but seems to affect her most at night. I am pretty sure she has 4 teeth trying to come in on top. The front two on top are HUGE! I feel bad for her...I think she will be getting my big ol' teeth! She does have two super cute bottom teeth! I took a picture on my phone earlier today that really shows her bottom two teeth. I will post that today also!

Last week daycare was closed for a week and I decided to make the most of the vacation by headed up north for a week! Tessa and I had so much fun (Casey had to work). Most of the week was spent relaxing and spending time with family. We did go to Mackinac Island but Tessa spent 95% of the trip sleeping and the other 5% eating grass in the park.

Here are some pictures from when we were up north. I didn't take a ton because I always forgot my camera! Ooops!

my parents got tessa this toy. its a Leapfrog talking dog named violet. you can go online and personalize it! it seriously says tessa's name sooooo cute! she really likes it and it always makes her smile and laugh!
lacy spent a lot of time laying down next to tessa. i am pretty sure tessa is going to be playing with lacy a lot as she grows.
these stools were a huge headache while we were at my parents house. tessa was constantly pulling herself up on them.
headed over to Mackinac Island! Tessa had a fun time looking around on the boat.
when we got to the island we immediately went to the park to eat our lunch. we let tessa crawl around for a bit but all she was interested in was eating the grass! it was hilarious.
she kept examining it and pulling on each end.
eventually i was sick of taking all the grass from her hands and mouth and we left the park.
mom and i decided to take a walk down past mission point resort. on the way tessa fell asleep and stayed asleep until we left!
good ol' mighty mac! i miss being surrounded by water...the most water i see down here is the mud puddles after it rains :-(
tessa loves grandma red! who doesn't...she is always full of hugs and kisses!
ugh...the dreaded bruises...tessa definitely had a rough week.
this is the toy that caused the bruise! tessa got caught off guard by lacy jumping and running to the door while she was standing up and she twisted and landed face first into the edge of this toy. she cried for a quick second and then went back to her smiley self.
atleast her bruise matches her little fashionista!
while we were home we also went out to grandma red's to get some red potatoes from the garden! we also picked up some corn and cabbage while we were there!
mom and grandpa bill digging up red potatoes!!!!
my "little" cousin kellee giving tessa some loving. i can't believe she has her drivers permit! i hope she continues to make smart choices and grows up to be a respectful young lady!

We ended up coming home a day early on Saturday to spend some much needed time with Jessica! I absolutely hate living so far from her and have to take every opportunity possible to see her! Originally we were only supposed to visit Sunday morning but she had some plans change and she ended up staying the night Saturday too! Jessica and I went out to dinner while Casey stayed home with Tess and had some MUCH needed girl time! We went to Chili's and it was soooo good! We also had a good laugh because the waiter practically ignored me the entire time focusing totally on Jess!!! At one point he asked her if she wanted a refill on her cherry coke, which she declined, and he walked away without evening asking me if I needed a refill even though my glass was clearly empty. It was hilarous. It also plays to go out to eat with her because he didn't charge us for any of our drinks or our appetizer! We had so much fun. We ended up heading home and Tessa was still up and Jess was able to play with her for a bit! Tessa sure did love her and was all smiles! Here are a couple of pictures from our visit!
tessa was afraid of this penguin until her auntie jess played with it with her. now she loves it!
tessa kept kissing her reflection in her mirror! it was the cutest thing ever!!!!! haha gotta love jessica's kissy face in the background!
i can't wait for tessa to grow up and look up to that i think about it...that might not be the greatest idea! hahahaha! :-) just kidding... love you jess!
one last picture before jessice left...who knows when we will see each other again! good thing we talk daily!!!!

Whew! Blog is updated and I am headed to bed!

Until Next Time...

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