Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9 Month Well Baby Appointment

Today was Tessa's well baby appointment. She did great! She weighs 18lbs 10oz (36%) and was 29 1/2 inches long (93%). She is LONG and SLIM! I can't remember off the top of my head (ha) what her head circ. was but I know it was in the 56th percentile. Pediatrician basically told me my daughter was perfect :-) She was happy with all of her milestones and had no concerns! I am happy to report that the ped is happy with how Tessa's tear duct has been getting better so Tessa doesn't need the surgery for it! I am so happy because I was not really to see Tessa be put under for a surgery all ready! It was scheduled for next Tuesday but I get to cancel it! She said we will revisit the tear duct at her 12 month appt and see if it gets even better! Right now its not a huge concern. Tessa did master waving while she was at her appointment. She wouldn't stop waving at her ped! It was soooo funny! While we were waiting in the waiting room after her appointment she was waving to EVERYONE! She sure knows how to draw attention to her!

One thing that happened today at her appointment that I was NOT prepared for was her getting some blood drawn. Casey has a rare blood clotting deficiency called Factor VII. Tessa's Ped hadn't even heard of that Factor deficiency before. She had to do some quick research and decided to have Tessa's blood drawn to run some tests. HOW TRAUMATIC!!!! I am still not recovered. They had me sit in the blood draw chair with Tessa on my lap. I then had to wrap my arms around her one arm and hold her snug so she couldn't move. The vampire...I mean blood draw dude...then wrapped that tape stuff tightly around her arm and had to find a vein...took him forever and he ended up having to switch arms. Finally he found one and they took THREE vials of blood out of her...THREE! I felt like they were draining her!!! She was literally SCREAMING and was bright red and kept tooting! I could tell she was just stressed out! I felt so bad...I was just shaking because I was so upset for her! Poor thing! Never again...next time she has to get blood drawn I am going to send Casey back to go with her! I just can't do it! BUT Since Casey HATES needles and getting blood drawn he would probably pass out...so its all on me...bummer.
After we left the appointment Tessa was asleep by the time we hit the road. She was EXHAUSTED. Her appointment was at 3pm which is right in the MIDDLE of nap time...and do you think I could get her to nap before her appointment...NEVER! :-) She came home and slept about 45 minutes...the rest of the evening was pretty rough. She was super crabby and just tired. She thankfully went to bed a little early tonight...hopefully that wont backfire on me in the morning.

And no update can be complete without some pictures!

tessa after her appointment. she looked so cute with her little bandage from getting blood drawn. i had to snap a picture before removing it.
i just can't get enough of these daddy/daughter guitar pictures. tessa loves it when he plays his guitar!  it is a special bond they share!
tessa cheesing it up! yeah...about the scratches...thats what i get when i put off cutting her nails. they got cut that night.

love love love her. i will never get enough of her smiles...

these pictures just crack me up. she is just so much fun.

all smiles...most of the time :-)

skyping with nana! tessa loves it when we skype with nana. she gets really excited when my mom sings to her!

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