Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 Month Pictures

Since Tessa was born I have always tried to get a good monthly picture of her sitting upright. It has gotten SO difficult as she gets older! She rarely sits still and has so much energy. Definitely keeps us on our toes!
Here are a couple pictures of us trying to get a 9 month picture!

as always...wanting the camera cord!
no attention span :-) wants to play with her toys!

so i try holding her feet while casey snaps some pictures...still no luck.

and then as always the cats come into the picture...

i know she is thinking "fine mom i'll look at you but only with my tongue hanging out!"
her tongue is always out these sure its because she is feeling her teeth!!!

awww she loves me :-) i don't think i could ever get enough snuggles from her! she just melts my heart!

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