Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thanks Great Aunt Jennifer!

Earlier this week we got a suprise package (2 super cute outfits and a life jacket!) from our amazing Aunt (Tessa's Great Aunt!) Jennifer aka Antigen from Wisconsin! We put on one of the outfits today...I tried to get some cute pictures but Tessa was more interested in  her lion and Casper than she was me! Here are a couple pictures!
First when I was trying to take a picture she wanted to play with her lion...

Then Casper our cat came into the room

She was REALLY excited about that!

Finally got a cheeky smile out of her...even if she wasn't looking at me!

Rolling around with her lion!

We never did make it to the park...I decided I wanted to make a nicer dinner and that took a good chuck of my evening...then I was just too lazy to go anywhere :-)

Here is one last picture of Tessa knawing on a cucumber while we ate dinner

Until Next Time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

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