Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We have been Up North in good ol' Iggy since Friday! We just love it up here. As much as this should be a "vacation" we have been constantly on the go.
Tessa has not adjusted well to the heat. She is her mothers daughter :-) She is on no sort of routine at all. Poor thing is just so hot she doesn't even want to eat :-( seems like we are constantly trying to get her to take her bottle. She is also napping at very random times. Can't wait to get her home just to get her back to normal. I'm not used to a crying fussy baby. My parents did get a window A/C unit to put in our room to help Tessa sleep better. Speaking of sleeping!!! My parents bought Tess a beautiful crib for her to sleep in while she is here!!!!! No pack and play for her! It was a nice suprise!

Unfortunately I haven't got too many pictures due to my dumb camera acting up but we did get some pictures of Tessa's first experience in a non-bath setting with water!!!! She wasn't too sure at first but was soon splashing around in her cute little hot pink and zebra print swim suit (thanks Aunti Jess!). I will post those pictures when I get home.
Speaking of home! We were supposed to head back home around 3pm today but the Explorer (aka Exploder) had different plans. Totally an inexpensive (thankfully!!) fix but will take a couple hours. Instead of leaving around 7 or 8 tonight and get home late we just decided to stay another night (oh darn). We should be on the road by 11am tomorrow.
My poor mom hurt her back on Saturday. She can hardly walk! I feel so bad for her. She went to the chiropractor today and they should be able to help her...Until then she can't really do anything. She can't even pick Tessa up it hurts so bad. I hope she feels better soon!!
Well Tessa is napping so I'm going to go relax outside for a bit. I need as much fresh air as I can get!
Ill post pictures soon!

Until then...Peace, Love, and Tessa!!!!!
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