Monday, June 7, 2010

6 months!!

Crazy how fast time goes by! I can't believe my little Tess is already 6 months old...half a year already!!! She is just the most amazing little girl ever. She has recently been able to sit up on her own...with the occasional throwing herself backwards! She reaches for toys and definitely has her favorite toys! She still loves her exersaucer and her jumper a lot. She has recently started scooting backwards! Its cute but she gets very frustrated because even though she wants to go forward she keeps going backwards. Tessa has also developed a huge interest in our annoying rat cats, Casper especially! She is always reaching for the cats at every opportunity she gets!
She is just too much fun and growing so fast.
Her 6 month appt is next Tuesday! Can't wait to update you all on her stats!!!
Here is one picture until I can find the time later tonight to post a bunch more!

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