Sunday, April 11, 2010

Visit from Jackie & Co.

Saturday one of my best friends in college and her wonderful family came to visit! It was such a fun time! She moved to South Dakota about 3 years ago and I have only seen her once since then! It was so much fun catching up. I made dinner (BBQ Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans!) and we had some yummy dessert (Cheesecake!). Jackie and her husband Brian have two kids...

 Jordan who is a little boy with an attitude and zero patience! He is 3 years old and a lot of fun! I realized how much I need to baby proof my house!

Taylor is about a year and 3 months....the same age Alyssa should be. She is so darn cute and full of energy...and ate some cat food while she was here...oops! She liked it though! haha. It was VERY difficult for me at first when I saw her because it dug up a couple emotions that I had buried for a bit but after I started playing with her I was able to put my emotions aside and have a blast with her! She is such a happy little girl!

AND...Jackie has another little boy cooking away! She is due in July with her 3rd!!!! Craziness!!! She is naming him Colton. They are going to have their hands full!!!!  I really wish they didn't live so far away. We had a blast the while they were visiting and besides the fast they have 2 1/2 kids it was like nothing had changed in the 3 years since!
Oh yeah... Tessa wasn't in any of these pictures because she was being a good girl and sleeping!

Here are a couple more pictures taken over the weekend!

This girl looks like she is up to something!

She loves this exersaucer!

Caught her mid squeal!

Too cute!!!!!

Tessa's First Cereal Experience!!!

Haha she is spitting it all out!!!!

Cereal is a new experience for far we are both struggling! It is taking some major getting used to!

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