Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tessa's 4 Month Well Baby Checkup!

Today was Tessa's 4 month Well-Baby checkup! Her pediatrican said she was perfect!
Here are her stats:  25 1/2 inches long (87th percentile), and 13 lbs 9 oz (37th percentile)! Her pediatrician was very pleased with Tessa's growth and had no concerns...I thought it would be an issue since she was in the 54th percentile for her weight last time and dropped down to 37th percentile this time but the Pediatrician said she was just perfect! She does want me to start Tessa on cereal so that will be our next adventure. Tessa did very good at the doctors...she was smiling and making all her cute noises most of the time....that is until the shots came. UGH That cry just kills me! I hate shots...Tessa was over it quickly and was asleep by the time we hit the driveway!

Here are a couple pictures from the past week or so:

This was taken on her 4 month birthday!


If she is awake...this is probably what she looks like...always had her hands in her mouth!

She is mid-squeal in this picture...its her new thing...very loud squeals!

Good Morning! Don't you wish you were this happy in the morning?
This is usually how she wakes up in the morning...with a big ol smile on her face!

Playing in her exersaucer :-) She really doesn't know what to think yet!

 I just LOVE this picture of her!

She loves playing on her activity mat too!

Ugh tummy time...she hates tummy time!

until next time... Live, Love, Laugh!

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