Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tessa's First Easter!

Tessa's first Easter was pretty low key. Saturday we drove up to Flint to spend the day with Casey's two sisters and their families. Then on Sunday my Aunt and a couple of her kids came to stay the night! I cooked a wonderful dinner and it was a great day!

Here are a couple pictures from Easter weekend. Tessa did have this super cute dress for Easter but...of course...she pooped all over it! :-)

Tessa, my Sister-in-law Raeann, and my niece Brooke

My adorable niece Bella (Raeann's daughter)

Tessa on Easter
It is soooo hard to get a really good picture of Tessa these days because she is always moving and squirming! She was contantly trying to eat her dress!

Tessa's 1st Easter!

Tessa was not a fan...and Kadyn just wanted to play!

Thought this was a cute picture of the two.
Tessa looks sooo tiny compared to him!

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