Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tessa's First Trip to her Aunt Stacie's house!

Saturday evening we went to Tessa's Aunt Stacie's house in Flint. She slept the entire hour drive which was great because she was up and ready to socialize when we got there. Tessa's Aunt Raeann and little Bella were there also so it was a great visit.
Here are a couple pictures:
Tessa with her Aunt Stacie

Brooke (Stacie's youngest) and Bella (Raeann's daughter)

Doesn't everyone do yoga while they eat?

Tessa with Aunt Raeann, Aunt Stacie, and Bella!

I am pretty sure Tessa is teething...she sure is a drool bucket! We forgot her bib!

Tessa and Bella playing...can't wait until they are both at the age where they can play together!

Stacie has seriously one of the largest cats ever!!! It is a Maine Coon and his name is Bullet! Here are a couple pictures I took while we were there. Super nice cat too even though he is ginormous!!!

Casey with Bullet

Wesley (Stacie's Son)

Bella loves Bullet!

Bullet relaxing on Raeann!

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