Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Pictures!

This post will be just ALL pictures. Enjoy!!!!

Jen, Jessica, and I

Aunti Jess loving Tessa

Her visit was WAY to short

Close up of my darling!

Ready for her outing :-) All bundled up!

Nana loving some Tessa! Isn't her outfit just adorable! She won't fit it much longer though.

CUTEST outfit ever...I might just have to go buy it in the next size up!!!!

She LOVES her bouncer! She is always soooo alert and looking around when she is in it.

Tessa & Nana bonding time!

Tessa and I relaxing!

Another CUTE outfit!!!! We play dress up a lot! :)

Me trying to get a good picture of her outfit! :-)

Nap time!

Already has her daddy wrapped around her finger!

She was crabby when I was taking these pictures


Precious! Lacy is super good with her...but I think she misses all the attention.


Once again...Daddy wrapped around her fingers!
I absolutely LOVE this picture...and you can tell just how tiny she really is!

Sleeping on her daddy...she is always SOOOO good for him.

Daddy up with Tessa and giving Lacy some loving too.

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