Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bath Time!

Oh Bath Time!!! What a hilarious time! :-) Thankfully she loves bath time!!!
These are pictures from Tessa's second bath. Her first one was not as was super uncomfortable in the baby tub we have (she is just too small for it right now) AND she pooped in the water so it was just a big mess :-)

Her second bath was much better! I was worried that she was going to poop in the water again because she hadn't pooped in awhile...we had some pooping issues poor girl...(Beware TMI)...after filling three diapers we are all good in that department! ANYWAY, We ended up using the small tub the hospital gave us and her tub sponge thingy in the kitchen sink...worked much better!

When we first put her in the water she just froze up and put her hands in front of her face and was super was like she thought she was in the womb again!

(Her Belly looks really big because she needed to poop!!!! Thankfully she is "regular" again!!!!)

Here are some more pictures! She wouldn't take her hands away from her face!

Bath time was a success!!!! :-)

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