Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Adjusting to life as a mommy

Tessa is already 10 days old! I am having a hard time believing its already been 10 days! Tessa has changed sooo much and already has quite the personality. She loves to eat, sleep, and poop! :-) Our little darling seems to have her nights and days confused...she sleeps all day and has been up most of the nights. Thankfully I am not sleep deprived because I have Casey and my mom constantly tending to Tessa when I need to sleep. Keeping this blog short here are a TON of pictures of my sweetie!

Jessica took some family pictures of us. They turned out super nice...here are a couple. (They look a little blurry when I uploaded them on here but they aren't really blurry like that)

My Sleeping Beauty!

Love it when her eyes are wide open!

My FAVORITE picture of her. This was the picture we used for her birth announcement in the St.Ignace Newspaper

One of our "first" family pictures

Jessica came to visit!!!

Silly Blogspot won't let me upload more pictures...I will just have to add another post! :-)

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