Tuesday, March 8, 2011

15 Month Well Baby Appointment

The picture above says it all! The appointment went wonderful! Tessa was as cute as can be and super well behaved! Totally made me feel like Mom of the Year :-) Ped has no concerns and said she is perfect! Tessa was Chatty Cathy while we were in there and just loved the Monkeys that were hanging from the ceiling! She keps saying Oooh Oooh!
Here are her stats!
Weight: 22lbs 11oz (47%)
(I totally thought she was heavier than this!)
Height: 32 1/2 inches! (93%)
(YEP! My baby is TALL!)
Head: 18.27 Inches (64%)
(Big Brain! Smart Girl!)

Tall and Skinny like last time! Hopefully she is always like that and doesn't get her Momma's oompa loompa genes! Like the awesome Mom that I am, I dropped Tessa off at daycare after her appointment and I went shopping! I got some great deals on clothes for the husband and Tessa....but nothing for me. I just hate shopping for myself! I did manage to pick up a Green shirt to wear next week so I can wear jeans to work. Crazy that I don't have any green clothes! Now I have a green shirt :) Busy afternoon ahead of me organizing the million diaper boxes of clothes that no longer fit Tessa!

Until next time..Peace, Love, and TESSA!!!!!

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