Saturday, July 25, 2009

Found out we are having a girl! :)

So Tuesday (July 21st) we had our BIG U/S where they check to make sure everything is growing properly on the baby! Thankfully everything is perfect and they even moved my due date up a couple of days bc the baby is ahead of scheduled. Before my U/S my due date was on the 17th of its the 12th! Super exciting to me! :) I will for sure be induced by December 5th and maybe earlier if I can get my way. As soon as this baby is healthy and big enough to come out I want her out. Thats right...I said her! We are so excited to be having another girl. :-) I am glad I will be able all the stuff we have for Alyssa for her little sister. To me if feels like that is Alyssa's gift to her little sis.

Today marks the 20th week...already half way done! This is such a relief. :-) Monday we are going to be moving the house around to get our nursury back in order. Right now its our guest room and our other spare bedroom is our computer room. After Monday, computer will be in the living room, the computer room will become our spare bedroom and I will have a nursery to start putting together.

Below are a couple pictures from the ultrasound. We have more but they are a lot of the same picture! :) There is a profile shot, a gender shot (obviously a girl!), and her little foot!

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