Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Decided to start a blog

So this is my first experience with "blogging". I decided to start this blog as a place for friends and family to keep up with me and our growing family!

Here is us in a nut shell:

Met my now husband Casey in high school. He was a senior...I was a little ol' freshman. We met because a friend of mine and I had this fantastic idea to give him a call and see if he wanted to go bowling...never talking to him before! haha I guess I have never been too shy. He agreed and the rest is history! Fast forward to March 2008 we found out we were expecting! Still not married but living together for a good 4 years he obviously asked me to marry him and August 9th, 2009 we were officially husband and wife! (ABOUT TIME!) Come December 2008 our world came crashing down and our beautiful Alyssa died the day before her due date from a stupid knot in the umbilical cord...it was the hardest thing we have ever had to go through. Thankfully we had a great support system and we made it through...still trying to figure out life without her. Then to our surprise Alyssa decided that she wanted a brother or sister and we found out again in March we are pregnant...again! Baby #2 is due December 17th...just two weeks after Alyssa was due. I am trying to be as confident and as positive as I can. I know Alyssa is watching over her brother or sister and will be their guardian angel. This baby we will be bringing home.

So far my appointments have been great. Heartbeat is strong. On Tuesday, July 21st we find out if we are having a boy or a girl! We can't wait! Appt is at 1:00 for the ultrasound then I have my normal monthly OB appt at 2:20pm. Right now I am going about every 4 weeks for appt, but once I hit 30 weeks I will be going every week twice a week...they will be watching me which is a great relief. I will also be induced early just to make sure I bring this baby home.

Right now that's about it! I hope to keep this blog updated not only for big news regarding this pregnancy but also about life in general and how I'm feeling.

Hope you all stay interested! :)

Remember...I am new at blogging...have to go clean house now...procrastinating long enough.

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