Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Besties Reunited!!!!

Today my best friend Jessica came to visit!
I didn't get a ton of pictures because my camera batteries are basically dead! I need to get new batteries...but who has the time! Anyway! I somehow managed to get Tessa down for an early nap and she was up and ready to go when Jess got here around 11. We went out to lunch at Chili's which was yummy! Chili's is absolutely one of my favorite places. Next we went shopping...Jessica style. lol. We did some shopping and Tessa ended up with a super cute dress, jean jacket, and pink shirt (that she is wearing in the pictures) from Baby Gap. I would NEVER shop there (unless clearance!) but again...we were shopping Jessica style! It was fun, but exhausting because she walks so flipping fast that my short oompa loompa legs cant keep up with her...and she was wearing heals! Crazy girl I tell ya. After shopping we headed back home to just hang out and visit. Tessa was obsessed with Jessica and wouldn't leave her alone. She loved her necklace and bracelets. I think we have a girly girl on our hands!!! :-)
Here are a couple pictures of Jessica and Tessa playing:

Jessica is coming back over tomorrow but the only thing we have planned is picking up her new laptop from Best Buy and grabbing some Jimmy Johns for lunch. The rest of the day will just be us playing with Tessa! Which I am glad because my legs need a break!!!! :-)

I also got some get news!!! My wonderful mom will be down visiting us for a WEEK! She will get here tomorrow night (Wednesday) and stay until Wednesday morning!!! My mom misses Tessa so much so I am really glad it is all working out. My mom doesn't drive much, especially not down here, so she is hitching a ride with my aunt that is flying to Florida for a couple of days. Tessa is going to be so excited when she see's her. She gets super excited when she see's her over skype so she will have a great surprise when she wakes up Thursday morning...that is if my mom doesn't wake her up Wednesday night!!!!

Here are a couple more pictures of Tessa from the past week:

This happens daily...Tessa is trying to reach Casper but Casper sits just far enough away from her that she can't touch him. When she does get close enough Casper usually paws at her! Tessa thinks its hilarious!

Love her! She is getting so big!!!!

Tessa loving her Dolly. She gives dolly hugs and kisses daily!

Whats a girl really need in life besides her dolly and sippy cup?

Until Next Time...Peace, Love, and TESSA!

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