Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Fun!

 Sporting the onesie with the tutu :-)
 There's a smile!
 Such a little drama queen!
 She was crawling and growling at me in this pic!
 Pretty sure she is sick of the camera at this point!

 Not a happy baby...pretty sure she is thinking about some not very nice words right now...
 Can't beat a $1 Target shirt!

 so wish this picture wasn't blurry!!!! She was just a laughing in this picture!

 Oops! Pictures are out of order...oh well! I don't know how to fix them :-) Does it really matter what order they are in?! Either way she is too stinkin' adorable!

 I absolutely ADORE this picture! One of my all time Fav Tessa pictures!

I love having Tessa to celebrate all the different Holidays with! She is soooo much fun!

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