Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost 6 months old!

I can't believe my little Tess is almost 6 months old...the last 6 months have been so amazing and have just flew by! I always new having children would be such a great experience but I never realized how much joy such a little human being can bring!

There are a million and ten things I just love about Tessa!
Here are just a couple:

The way she kicks her legs when she gets really excited.
Her waking up squeals, even though its so early in the morning, it always brings a smile to my face.
AND how every morning she wakes up with a smile.
The way she grabs my fingers and holds on so tight.
How she will twist her little neck around to follow me every where I go.
How excited she gets when she is in her jumper.
The way she sings the ABC song with me and when I stop, she stops and gives me a weird face until I start again.
How she gets really excited and trys grabbing for the bottle whenever she see's me coming with one.
Love the way she smells, especially after bath time...not so much when she has a poopy diaper though :-)
How she looks around after she rolls over.

The way she wraps her little arms around me when I hold her.
How she can nap for hours if your cuddled up on the couch with her.
Watching her learn new things - and how wide her eyes get when she see's something new or exciting.
How she tries eating her toes whenever she gets the chance.
She stares at the cats so much now...but when they get close she pulls on their hair.
The way she looks when she peaceful!
The way she rubs her head and eyes when she is sleepy.

 I truly love EVERYTHING about her!

Now comes the picture overload:
Looks like such a big girl in her high chair
Big smiles and giggles!
She loves her Jumper
Bathtime at Nana's
LOVE her reaction in this photo
Jessica feeding her breakfast
So Adorable
Such a cutie...a drooling cutie!
Standing up (with help!) in her cute outfit!
Getting Sleepy

 I love this picture of her...those cheeks!
Such a big girl in her high chair!
Her new "fishing" hat as Casey calls it!
Skyping with Nana!
My sleeping beauty!

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